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Sacre Bleu! Le Star Wars Disco!

January 12, 2010

Man, if you thought Greedo shooting first was bad, Lucas could have always brought these guys into the Special Editions:

I love it when cultural phenomena inspire people to create humiliating tributes.  Having said that, I don’t see any poorly green-screened Na’vi dancing in front of stock photos anywhere… so  SUCK IT, AVATAR!


EXCLUSIVE: Script page from Twilight: Eclipse!

January 6, 2010

The script for The ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ has leaked, and I got my grubby little paws on it. I know I’m going to get into a lot of trouble, but I thought I’d post a single page just to whet your appetites. I scoured the screenplay for the one page that perfectly sums up the entire saga. So… feast your eyes on this ‘That One Time” exclusive!


I honestly don’t know whether this will be in the movie or not, or if the script that I have is authentic.  I will tell you, however, that it feels like Twilight.  Well, let me know what you think.  I hope Summit doesn’t make me take it down.  It is, after all, up here for informational purposes only.  Not bad for my second blog post.  More scoops to come!