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Video: Lobot Transmission

February 21, 2010

Link for Facebook users

I was messing around with Sony Vegas the other day, and threw together this creepy little 30-second video.  It was originally meant just as a little test film for mixing sounds and screwing with effects, but the GF hated it so much she insisted I put it online.  So here it is, cheap scare and all.  Are you happy, Laura?  THEY ALL HATE ME NOW.

Seriously, though… how could you hate me when Lobot is involved?  My only regret is that his puffy sleeves were not shown.  So Domo Arigat…. you know what? I’m not going to do that.



Hug E Gram

February 9, 2010

I was looking all over the internet for huge grams, so I went to to see how huge grams can be.  To my surprise, the site had been taken over by a spectacular new product: The Hug E Gram!

(click here for video if you’re reading this from Facebook)

I mean, aren’t you sick to death of all the flowers you’re given, day after day?  My house is virtually clogged with dead, rotting daises and bouquets of zombie chrysanthemums.  Wouldn’t you prefer the sweet embrace of Mickey Mouse’s severed arms?  Now you can!  According to the website, they come in three colours: Red, Black, and Goatse.  You can record a personalized greeting on your Hug E Gram to let your loved one know exactly how much contempt you feel for them (as if sending a Hug E Gram wasn’t enough of a hint).  Even better, Hug E Gram comes with free wooden roses!  Who can say no to wooden roses?  I know I can’t, because I think they can be used to kill vampires and we need all the help we can get against those bastards.

Eric Fell